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Georgian Clerkenwell & Islington

Posted by London Guided Walks on Monday, October 13, 2014 Under: Georgian

Georgian Clerkenwell & Islington

On Saturday many tour guides provided guided walks in London based on the theme of the Georgians for Local London Guiding Day 2014.

Luckily in Clerkenwell & Islington we are spoilt for choice as to what to include in an hours walk. The problem then is to decide what to include. Each guide designed their own walk around particular stops. Mine included Islington Tunnel, the Angel Inn, George Cruikshank and a young Charles Dickens as well as middle class houses and Georgians shops. No Georgian tour of Clerkenwell and Islington would be complete without mentioning Clerkenwell’s most famous son, Joseph Grimaldi, known to many as Joey the clown.

The walks were free. Donations were collected for the British Legion. Thank you to all who came along and either gave their time guiding or who came on a walk and gave monies. See you next year!

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