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I'm Hazel, a qualified CIGA London tour guide. I set up London Guided Walks as a website for those who love London to come together, be it passionate and experienced guides or those living or visiting the city who want to get to know it better. 

For two years I have been delivering the walking tours, practicing my craft and working out what it is people want from London walking tours. In that time I have delivered over 400 walks and treasure hunts in London.

I have experience conducting guided walks in London for inquisitive individuals through to a full group of up to 25. My private walking tours explore hidden places which many guide books simply just don't cover.

For private walks we walk at your chosen pace so can stop for a break or refreshment whenever your choose.

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Each of us have our own particular interests and experience bringing you a wider of experiences to enjoy in London.
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Cliff - Jack the Ripper and Underground Treasure Hunts

Declan - Shakespeare in the City Walk

Best London Guided Walks

Jenny - Jack The Ripper & Sweeney Todd 

Best London Guided Walks

Paul - Jack the Ripper Walk

East Ender Cliff has been studying the Ripper case for 6 years and brings both his in-depth knowledge and his one of a kind delivery of the facts to his tours.  

As the creator of The London Underground Treasure Hunt, Cliff in his role
as Master of The Hunt will make sure you have the best possible time solving the many clues and challenges that will
lead you to the Holy Grail! and to great prizes if you succeed in your Treasure Hunt mission.

Shakespearean stage actor, researcher and raconteur extraordinaire Declan

is a master of his art in guiding groups around Shakespeare's old London haunts and reciting the life and times of the great man.

A tour with Declan is like being immersed on stage with him as he brings everything around you to life.

Jenny has been conducting London Horror walks for over 20 years, has been and is a consultant for Jack The Ripper Film and TV production companies and has appeared in documentaries about Jack The Ripper.

As a leading expert of all things Sweeney Todd, Jenny provides the complete horror and mystique of the legend of Sweeney Todd.

Jenny's  tours are informative and scary in equal measure and delivered in her unique and spellbinding cinematic style.

Paul has been guiding enthralled groups on Jack The Ripper and other Horror walks for 18 years. 

His special combination of in-depth knowledge delivered with a dry wit has been entertaining and sending chills down the spine of walkers from all over the world as he uses his expertise of London to the full.

Underground Treasure Hunt


Shakespeare in the City


Sweeney Todd


Jack the Ripper tour






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