London Treasure Hunts

London is a wonderfully exciting for a treasure hunt. It's a fascinatingly vibrant and historic city with many secrets Londoners don't know about! 

Give your brain and legs a workout while meeting new people and discovering a new part of London along the way with our fun cultural treasure hunts. 

As well as cryptic clues to unravel and canny riddles to solve there will be bonus challenges too - just to keep you on your toes!

Upcoming London Treasure Hunts:

Rotherhithe Treasure Hunt - Saturday 24th June, 1pm

Monuments and Money Treasure Hunt - Saturday 26th August, 1pm

Underground Treasure Hunt - every Thursday, 6.30pm

Rotherhithe London Treasure Hunt

This was, honestly, one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had in a long time. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, having never experienced in a treasure hunt before, but the whole event was so well planned and organised that I definitely intend to sign up for more. The clues were pitched at just the right level, not too obvious and not too difficult. It was also a good excuse to explore the nooks and crannies of a really lovely part of London.

Rotherhithe Treasure Hunt

Pirate hats at the ready! Become acquainted with a London gem; Rotherhithe. Can you overcome the challenging clues which cover the river, engineering, maritime adventure and tragedy? 


Wow, that was a challenge and a half. Still can't believe we came third ! I'm well impressed with that.

Monuments and Money:

City of London Treasure Hunt

Explore the ancient area of Bishopsgate in the City of London. How much of the streets of London have you really noticed on your daily commute? Do have what it takes to be the best?

Next date: Saturday 26th August 2017, 1pm

Buy your 

The UndergroundTreasure Hunt takes place within Zone 1.  Travel is not included. You will need to use an Oyster Card or contactless payment, approximate cost £6.40.

  • Work as a team to score photo challenge points

  • Dodge Agent Alex or the Joker

  • Venture on the underground and crack clues

Team size: 2 to 7 people 

Start: Green Park Tube Station | Ends: Green Park Tube Station 

Duration: 2.5 hours | Step-free access: no 

London Underground Treasure Hunt

Test your puzzle solving and detective skills as you compete against other teams to find as much Treasure as possible and win the best prizes of official London Underground merchandise that are awarded at the end of the Treasure Hunt.

Test your puzzle solving and detective skills as you compete against other teams to find as much Treasure as possible and win the best prizes of official London Underground merchandise that are awarded at the end of the Treasure Hunt.

There are a wide variety of clues and challenges ranging from the cryptic to the interactive and you will come across some of London's most famous things along the route.  Photo challenges will be required of teams, so bring a camera. 

Watch out for the scheming Agent Alex or the Joker, a real life actor, who will be lying in wait trying to trick and confuse your team into making a tactical error! 

Buy tickets for teams of 2 - 7

Greenwich Treasure Hunt

Join us on a treasure hunt where you can get to know Greenwich a little better; its myriad backstreets, large variety of green spaces and nautical history are but a sample of what you will discover while hunting for the answers.

Pit your wits against our cunning clues as you race against time in the place where time begins.  

This was great fun. It helped that the weather was warm and sunny. But the locations were amazing, the route was interesting and sufficiently challenging. I don't know if Smartphones were permitted but they certainly helped us. Our 3 fellow team members were good company. I'd certainly go again. Thank you to Hazel.

Theatreland Treasure Hunt

Give your brain a workout with our challenging clues which cover the famous actors, world-famous west end shows and iconic theatres lighting up  the West End. Jump into a world of wonder!

Thanks for an enjoyable afternoon. I've never done this sort of treasure hunt before, it's an interesting format which makes answering the clues more tricky than the standard sequential type as you have to decipher which matches to each location. Well done to Hazel for devising it.

West End Theatreland London Treasure Hunt

City of London Treasure Hunt

Uncover the hidden histories of the ancient City. From poets to playwrights, lost churches and roman ruins. Will you be able to crack the code for success?

We thoroughly enjoyed this, 2 hours of seeking out clues. we were paired with another couple and made friends with two other like minded people. The clues were cryptic but solvable. Time was too tight for us to complete the whole circuit, but it took us to places we hadn't been and without this probably wouldn't have tried, great fun, highly recommended!

Soho Treasure Hunt

Santa hats at the ready! Come and explore wonderful Soho, brimming with historical gems and quirky history on our Soho-Ho Treasure Hunt. Think you've got what it takes? Let it show, let it show, let it show!

A great afternoon. Thanks to my team mates. Great company and we came 2nd! Yay!! The pub afterwards was great too! I'll definitely be returning there!

Soho Christmas Special London Treasure Hunt

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