Oliver Twist Guided Walk Reviews

"Hazel is a truly wonderful tour guide and for this tour was extremely knowledgeable and able to paint vivid pictures of life in early Victorian times, which was far from pleasant for many people. Tripadvisor lists the excellent private tours and the company's website also lists scheduled tours which are also excellent value for money." Gullible88

Retrace the steps of Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger! This was another fascinating walk from Hazel. She took us on a tour of the places mentioned in Oliver Twist, bringing it all to life with her descriptions of the sights, sounds & smells of Victorian London and quoting passages from the book. Highly recommended. FreydaEvelyn

"Very informative. Although a Londoner visited parts of the capital I had never been to before, and learnt lots of new facts. Would highly recommend. Most enjoyable." vrbChris

"Such enthusiasm from our guide Hazel. Researched very well and she kept our interest right to the end. Made you want to reread Charles Dickens again. So many parts of darker London to see. Thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours with Hazel and a friendly group of walkers. Suitable for most of us."LindaandTerryWynder

"My school friend and I were meeting for a catch up and fancied trying something different. I had attended The Hearts and Heretics Guided Walk with my husband on Valentine's Day and enjoyed it so much, so suggested we book The Oliver Twist one.

We met in The Angel on a beautifully sunny April afternoon. It was fun to hear about the area in Victorian times, places that seem quite inconsequential to us when we're trudging around with our daily lives often aren't, or weren't! I won't say what we learned as I urge you to try it, but it was so interesting and Hazel is so kind, friendly and descriptive that she really makes it all come alive! Because we were right where it had all taken place it was easy to get a good idea of the scale of what we were being told. We heard some very interesting little facts about the local area and Hazel offered a few recommendations along the way, which is always nice. I liked that it was based on Charles Dicken's Oliver Twist, it made a good basis of how those kind of character's lives may have played out.

Some of what we learned was very funny and some was just plain wonderfully weird!

Hearing about the struggles some people would have faced was quite sad. My friend and I were surprised that the issues Londoner's struggled with in Victorian times hasn't changed. People are still living in poverty, often in inadequate accommodation, children are still sometimes treated poorly when they don't have anyone. Immigration problems and the hurdles people face when moving into London are still pretty much the same. The huge class divide is ever present. I found it quite sad that in some ways we haven't made much progress since Victorian times ...

I really can't wait to book up for the Street Art In Shoreditch Guided Walk now. Hazel even took us all for a drink after. We told her that when we were at school we had a very mean history teacher so we both hated the subject. We're educating ourselves now! We both said we wished Hazel could have been our teacher!TaraJane O'Malley

Geoffrina Smith   28-May-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarLively and interesting walk to areas I was not familiar with. Hazel has lots of knowledge and is a great guide.

"This was a great walking tour tracing part of Oliver Twist but was also a fascinating and eye opening look at Victorian London..Hazel our guide was clear, knowledgable and fun." Passwordf

"Fantastic - brings London to life. I have done a few of Hazel's walks: Wonders of Whitehall, Oliver Twist and Victorian Soho and Covent Garden. They are a fantastic way of learning more about the city, bring history to life and finding hidden gems that you wouldn't otherwise notice or appreciate.

Hazel is very friendly and has a great knowledge of London and is clearly passionate about what she does. I've enjoyed the tours so much that I am taking my parents on the Royal London walk when they visit." Tracy

Rae and Peter Lee   26-May-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarAn excellent walk! The guide, Hazel, manages to transport you back to the times of Dicken's, with her description of the route Oliver took following the Artful Dodger through the streets of London. You discover side roads of London and their history, which the guide links to passages from the book.

"Oliver Twist walk - great for adults and kids. Took the Oliver Twist walk yesterday with my 10-year old daughter. It was a fab experience that we both enjoyed. Lots of historical facts, engagingly presented, made us really see and relive London as it was then. We'll definitely be doing this walk again.. and other walks offered by Hazel." Noushka

Jane Davies   26-May-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarAnother lovely an interesting walk with Hazel who has the mix of walking and information absolutely perfect.

"I really enjoyed this walk. Hazel has a great knowledge of the book and London history of the period. She made the walk very interesting and I will be booking some of her other walks soon. Definitely worth going out on a cold February evening." LizzyG

"This tour, following in the footsteps of Oliver Twist, is very well planned, organized, and executed. Hazel has vast knowledge of London, its history, and all aspects of interest to those who want to learn. We especially enjoyed her articulate style, engaging tempo, and humour. Highly recommended for tourists and Londoners alike! We are repeat customers. Hazel is terrific!" LisaB

"Informative and entertaining walk around some of the streets of Islington, describing the journey of Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger. The guide was very knowledgeable and a good communicator." EileenR

"My friend and I very much enjoyed this tour and we learnt a great deal! It was the perfect way to spend a cold but sunny afternoon. Hazel was fab, thank you!" RoseF

"Most enjoyable, informative and concise. The 90 minute ambles were well worth going on. I thought I knew both of these areas well but almost every aspect of the tours provided me with new information presented in a fun, interesting and joined up way. I would not normally go on this type of walk but I strongly recommend this. Hazel is an excellent guide and has a wealth of relevant background information to supplement any query. i am going back to some of the other tours." JohnM

"Interesting and fun walk. The walk was really interesting, detailed and pertinent with its title (which is not always so obvious with other walk groups). The guide was enthusiastic and able to make the walk even more interesting and even funny. I have learnt lots of things about Oliver Twist and Dickens's age and I can remember them thanks to the attitude of the guide and her way of explaining." Elixx97

"I have now been on a couple of walks with the wonderful Hazel in a small group. Hazel is always outgoing, entertaining and highly informative. This lady really knows her onions when it comes to London's history. She brings the city alive with her words and does not just present the cold hard facts but tells you very interesting stories. She is engaging to adults and children alike. Hazel also takes time to answer your questions, explaining in more detail where required and she is very good with people for whom English is a second language.

I opted to join a small group in organised walks that were of interest to me but I have been informed that Hazel also does private walks. I can imagine that if you are visiting London one of her walks would be a very enjoyable and memorable day out for you. And if you are a native Londoner then I too would urge you to go, it's a great way to learn about this wonderful city. As a bonus Hazel is also great at picking out the best spots for ice cream or a cold beer. What more do you need? :)" LouiseT

"Excellent. Really brought the sights, sounds and smells of Oliver and the Artful Dodger's London to life.
AND the walk ended in an optional pub visit. Always a bonus!" Curious284680

"90min walk on a cold blustery day but Hazel the guide was full of smiles and knowledge throughout. Not much of Dickens London has survived but lots of stories and excerpts read from the book helped to create a very interesting walk. If you are new to London or even a local it's a great opportunity to venture down all those side streets and alleyways you never knew existed. Walk finished with a trip to the pub. Recommended." LyndaD

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