Meet your London Tour Guides

Hazel Baker, Company Director and Qualified CIGA Tour Guide

'Simply put... I love London; its architecture, its history and its people. After nearly 20 years I still enjoy what this amazing city has to offer.'

Hazel is an active Londoner, a keen theatre-goer and qualified CIGA London tour guide. Hazel set up London Guided Walks as a website for those who love London to come together, be it passionate and experienced guides or those living or visiting the city who want to get to know it better. 

For over five years she have been delivering walking tours and treasure hunts in London to Londoners, visitors and  corporates. 

Factual storytelling is at the heart of what she does. Aiming to deliver a unique experience to all. Hazel has delivered over 600 guided walks and treasure hunts in London.

She is available for event, restaurant, afternoon tea and book reviews, plus radio and TV interviews. Get in touch.

Hazel's private walking tours explore hidden places which many guidebooks simply just don't cover.

Contact Hazel:

Twitter: @Guided_Walks           

Mobile: 07545 020406


Ian McD - QualifiedCity of London Tour Guide & Lecturer

I qualified as a City of London tour guide (2017) and have a particular passion for Roman and Medieval history having previously done a degree in History at Cambridge University and an MA in London History at Birkbeck University.

Having begun work in the City of London in the mid 80's  I have an inherent knowledge of its working and teach Business on the City of London Guiding course.

Being fluent in Italian, I like to visit different parts of Italy each year but cannot fail to keep returning to my cultural home, Florence.

Private tours unique to Ian McD:

Diamonds, Dockers and Deadmen

Cash, Coffee and Commerce in the City (a Financial walk)

Ian is also able to offer:

Heretics and Horrors

Victorian Covent Garden

Great Fire of London walk

Wonders of Whitehall

Email to learn more


Ian McDowell - QualifiedCity of London Tour Guide

Ian McDowell is a qualified City of London tour guide specialising in crazy-but-true facts and secret locations. At University Ian acted with comedian and Spitting Image writer Andy Parsons, and founded a Ghost Club dedicated to touring haunted houses in a vintage car.

A writer and broadcaster for BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service and The Londonist, Ian's tours include a Damsels in Distress Tour, an All You Want To Know About The Middle Ages But Were Afraid To Ask Tour, plus his celebrated and carefully researched Tour Of Places That Have Never Been Harry Potter Locations.

Apart from cocktails, Ian likes nothing more than relaxing with a good book. He lives less than a quarter of a mile from the dome of St Paul's Cathedral, which proves that dome is where the heart is.  Ian's tours may contain nuts. 

Private tours unique to Ian McDowell:

Medicine, Murder and Mayhem

Haunted London Pub Tour

Walking London in the Middle Ages (All You Wanted To Know About The Middle Ages But Were Afraid To Ask)

Ian is also able to offer:

Heretics and Horrors

Victorian Covent Garden


Susan Baker - Qualified City of London Tour Guide

Susan has worked in the City as a Chartered Accountant for over 25 years. 

Even with so much knowledge under her belt Susan loves to discover new things and telling Londoners and visitors alike tales of the people that have lived here.

Private tours unique to Susan Baker:

Secrets of the River Thames

Roman London

City of London Churches walk

Susan is also able to offer:

Heretics and Horrors

Great Fire of London walk

Susan's Reviews

"Fascinating tour with lots of interesting information. Thank you to Susan our guide." Sarah S

"Lots of interesting snippets of information, and being shown new corners of the city was great. We will certainly look out for other talks having enjoyed this one." Patricia E

"Thoroughly enjoyed the walk. We especially had excellent weather. Susan was great and very informative explaining the history of London." June A


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