Ian McDiarmid - City of London Tour Guide

City of London Tour Guide - Ian McDIarmid

Ian McDiarmid - Qualified City of London Tour Guide & Lecturer

Ian qualified as a City of London tour guide in 2017 and has a particular passion for Roman and Medieval history, having in an earlier incarnation studied history at Cambridge and London universities.

He began working life in the early 80s in the City, and has since written extensively on the share and bond markets as a journalist. He loves talking finance and taking people around the narrow alleys where today’s massive trading centre was born.

When not walking and talking, Ian enjoys pottering about in the garden. His expertise is such that he often spends several hours doing this.

Ian's private walking tours explore hidden places which many guidebooks simply just don't cover.

You can book our guided walks, private tours and treasure hunts online 24/7.

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Ian's Reviews:

Kings Cross Walk

Excellent walk, appropriate for the date (Oct 31st) and lots of interesting historical information. Patricia Cardis

Ian was engaging and knowledgeable. His tour of the City was interesting and taught me things that I didn’t know about the area. Highly recommended! Rosemary Chan

This was an enjoyable walk which was well led by the guide. I particularly found it useful for the guide to wear a microphone so we could hear him clearly. The walk was at an easy pace and just the right amount of time. It would be suitable for a wheelchair user too but not for young children below the age of 12. One suggestion I would make is that the guide to wear clothes that are in keeping with the event - something more theatrical and impactful. The guide was very knowledgeable and could answer questions easily from the participants. I would recommend this walk to those who like to learn about the history of London in an active way where they can feel part of the history and experience the atmosphere. Carole Brown

A really interesting walk. Saw bits of London I’ve never seen before & the guide was extremely knowledgeable about the history. Has encouraged us to do more of these. John Clarke

An interesting walk with the informative guide Ian. Perfect for Halloween. Paul Mort

Very interesting and stimulating walk conducted with humour and insight from Ian, the guide. I would recommend this to anyone. A very satisfying way to spend 90 minutes. My only "criticism", and it is not very practical, is that I would like it to be an hour or so longer. John McGirr

A talk full of interesting facts and historical accuracy Elaine & Jeremy Andreiser

Fabulous guided walk around St Paul’s area. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed it. Elizabeth Young

Roman London Walk

Having thoroughly enjoyed Hazel’s guided walks in the past, this Roman Walk doesn’t really work as the distances between sites of interest means that there is a lot more walking than looking. This is no fault of the excellent guide Ian McDiarmid but inevitable given that most Roman remains are now deeply buried under the modern city. Diana Watt

Really enjoyed this very informative walk led by Ian. He made Roman London come alive, thoroughly recommend. Sue and Brian Smith

Excellent. Informative, interesting and presented in a clear way. John McGirr

Very interesting and informative walk by Ian. Delivered well and with passion. Distances between sites were a little long but he did make that clear at the beginning of tour. Melanie McKenzie






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