Kids Tours in London, children friendly

Family-Friendly Tours

Our Kids Tours are fun and engaging walking tours in central London designed for private groups and families with children. 

All private Kids Tours are 90 mins max and include up to 10 people, so the whole family to join in!  

Additional people £10 each. Max. group size 25.  

Private kids tours can be booked online below:

Hazel Baker, London Tour Guide

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Best London Tours for families
Best London Tours for families

Popular Family Tours:

Pokemon Go Adventures

Pokemon London walk: Southbank to West End - Explore some of London's key landmarks while on the hunt for Pokemon.

Pokemon London walk: London Bridge to Tower of London - Explore some of London's key landmarks while on the hunt for Pokemon.

Quirky Family Tours

Street Art Tour - what is art? What is the street artist wanting us to feel?

Wonders of Whitehall - uncover the Tudor palace of Whitehall

Heretics and Horrors - The City of London has a bloody past which we will be exploring on this 90 minutewalking tour. 

Harry Potter London Walks

Harry Potter's London walk: Whitehall to the West End - see film locations and inspirations

Harry Potter's London walk: Southwark to the City - see film locations and inspirations

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them in London - explore how these beasts are entwined in our Muggle world

Period Family Walks

Victorian Covent Garden - -discover the mindset of Victorian Engineers, entrepreneurs and workers

Georgian London - see where and learn how the Georgians lived

Follow the Footsteps of Oliver Twist - explore Victorian London

Christmas in London Walks

A Victorian Christmas - learn where our Christmas traditions came from

A Christmas Carol - explore the streets mentioned in Charles Dickens' famous ghost story

Christmas Lights - explore illuminated world-famous streets and hidden alleyways





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