Heretics and Horrors - a private walking tour in the City of London
Heretics and Horrors - a private walking tour in the City of London
Heretics and Horrors - a private walking tour in the City of London

Heretics and Horrors Private Tour

Time to take your rose tinted history specs off....

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Duration: 90 mins | Step-free access: yes

Suitable for all ages.

Private tour price:

£135 includes up to and including 12 people. £160 13 - 30 people

Max group size: 30

Embark on this 90-minute private walking tour that explores the horrors of living through the Black Death, the Great Fire of London and the Blitz.

Walking along the medieval street plan of the City of London our tour starts in 1348 during the Black Death. How would people have lived during this scary time? What did they do to try and avoid this deadly disease? Why were cats and dogs no longer safe on the streets? What were Watchmen paid to watch?

We will discuss how Bloody Mary earned her name, was she as bad or worse than her father Henry VIII? and why did people fear her? 
Were body snatchers a necessity? Did Sherlock Holmes really jump?

Learn how to avoid prison after killing your mother.

Accompanied by a professional guide, learn about the history of this area as you snap memorable photos.

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Heretics and Horrors tour reviews:

Heretics and Horrors of City of London private Tour

“Fascinating with excellent presentation”

I joined Hazel's 'Heretics and Horrors' 90 minute walking tour in the City of London, starting by St Paul's underground station. Hazel is a fantastic guide - she is knowledgeable and interesting with a very well delivered and researched walk. It was pitched perfectly and I will definitely be going on another of her walks. Whether you are a tourist or (like me) a life long Londoner you are sure to learn all sorts of fascinating facts! Do go!! It didn't cover much distance as there is plenty to learn in a very small area of London so don't worry if you can't walk far. An added bonus - my dog was made to feel very welcome!

“Heretics and Horrors of Smithfields what a evening !”

I spent bank holiday Saturday in the delightful company of Hazel our tour guide....this girl is a professional ...a fountain of knowledge/humour/fun.....she goes into role as an globe winning actress does.....we exercised our bodies by walking and our brain through knowledge...and our spirit through laughter/fun....whilst this area of London has got a rather bloodied past, Hazel made you understand the background /feelings poverty /lack of education that made this life they faced certainly took my rose tinted glasses off and actually appreciated my life in modern day society was light hearted and fun was suitable for younger and older couples and singles and a really beautiful labarododdle joined in called Nellie who had to put her paws around her ears when Hazel described the treatment of dogs during the plague....thank you Hazel you are numero uno.

“Heretics and Horrors of Smithfield”

Hazel has a great approach to her walks, and mixes fact, humour and thought-provoking comments throughout the tour. I've done two now, and I'll go back for more, as I've learnt a lot about two areas I have lived in. Perhaps she could have told us a bit more about Charterhouse, the killing of the monks, and also the plague pit that is there--though to be fair, perhaps this is worthy of an additional tour? The route of the walk is not arduous at all, and there's an ideal mix of walking, talking and standing and looking. I have to admit, I wish the walk had gone on for another hour, as I was enjoying it so much. Well done Hazel, and thank you!  

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