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Victorian Christmas in Islington with Rob Smith

Posted by London Guided Walks on Friday, December 13, 2019 Under: Christmas Events

Victorian Christmas in Islington with Rob Smith

Brand New for 2019

London Guided Walks are proud to present A Victorian Christmas in Islington presented by our very own Clerkenwell and Islington tour guide Rob Smith

The Victorians totally reinvented Christmas and this walk looks at how it was celebrated in Islington in the 1860s. Taking stories from local newspaper's of the period Rob will conjure up the sights of sounds of Christmas - the shops being readied for Christmas day, acts performing at the music hall, decorations for sale and badly behaving carol singers. You'll hear about dancing at Henry's Assembly Rooms, Thomas's celebrated currant cake and the Boot Black Boys Christmas dinner.

Join Rob on Monday 23 December, 2pm.
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