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Kult Pizza in Farringdon

Posted by Hazel Baker, Director of London Guided Walks on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 Under: Eating

Kult Pizza in Farringdon

Finding somewhere that serves quick tasty food during the evenings in the week around Smithfield can be tricky.

I decided to give this place a go as it looked clean and bright.

I chose the 6” pancetta and provola cheese cheese pizza πŸ•and a can of san pellegrino limonata. The total came to Β£6.30.

The pizza was cooked in front of me and served with a smile. I did have to ask for a glass for my limonata. The pizza base was a nice consistence even if it was a little more salty than I like. There was just the right amount of cheese and pancetta. Perhaps I'll try their nutella pizza next?!
Kult Pizza: 1 Cowcross St, Farringdon, London EC1M 6DR
Wednesday11.45am –10.30pm
Thursday11.45am –10.30pm
Friday11.45am – 11pm
Monday11.45am –10.30pm
Tuesday11.45am –10.30pm
This would be an ideal place to pop into before or after our Bleeding Hearts & Body Parts or Heretics and Horrors walk

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