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Jack the Ripper and Winter Nights

Posted by Jenny Phillips, Jack the Ripper Tour Guide on Sunday, December 29, 2019 Under: Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper and Winter Nights

What a perfect time to do a Jack the Ripper Walk as the streets are dark (from 4:00 pm and starting at between 6-7:30 you can be sure of a great atmosphere on the walk. It’s even better when it’s misty or cold, as this gruesome walk will make you shiver to your bones.

A mysterious man our Jack never caught at the time, never really identified. So, who was he? You had a multitude of suspects even at the time, as the police arrested and questioned over three hundred men but never found enough evidence to take anyone of them to court. Very difficult to gain a conviction back in those days unless you found your suspect in the act due to the lack of all the means that the police have today such as forensic science, fingerprinting and criminal profiling.
So why not join the walk or even book a private walk for friends and family to hear about my new possible theory?

I have been taking clients on ‘Jack the Ripper’ walks for 24 years so have had plenty of time to research this elusive murderer. Don’t wait until the days are short and warm come and feel the real deal on a cold frosty night, when you can imagine Jack stalking the streets looking for his next victim.

Jack the Ripper Walks in London
Private Tour: Jack the Ripper

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