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Hampstead Village Highlights - A Guided Walk

Posted by London Guided Walks on Friday, September 12, 2014 Under: Guided Walks

Hampstead Village Highlights - A Guided Walk

Hampstead Village has a rich history of intellectual and artistic associations and, of course, Hampstead Heath. With Hampstead having attracted the rich and famous over the last two centuries it's not surprising there are plenty of historical plaques which show a glimmer of its glamorous inhabitants.

This guided walk starts at Hampstead Tube station (Northern Line). There will also be a post walk drinks option too. The terrain does have a few inclines (Hampstead is on a hill you know). There are steps and stairs and so not suitable for the less able. We will briefly venture onto the Heath to enjoy the view. We end at a very nice pub which does a range of delicious food. Bring your camera and your friends.

This is a 2hr walk in Hampstead with a qualified London guide. 

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What people said about this walk:

"Thanks for such a informative and interesting walk Hazel....I had a great day and learned a lot ......" Gita, NW London

"Excellent tour even the weather did not spoil a great day, well done Hazel" Nicole, High Barnet

“Great! My first ever guided walk in London and I really enjoyed it rain an' all! Hazel is an excellent guide and it was marvellous to learn so much about the history of London. It really was a super walk with so many surprising and charming spots. Thank you Hazel!” Dharshani, Epsom

"Thanks for a grand walk in the rain Hazel. Where did de Gaul live by the way?" Paul, East London

"Many thanks for such a well planned and thoughtful walk through a rich array of terrain and weather! I would never have found so many interesting sights by myself so thank you." Ian, Essex

"I really enjoyed it, thank you." Charlotte, London

"It was my first guided walk i London and I loved it! Thanx Hazel! Suzanna

"So much I didn't know and I Live round the corner!" Al, Hampstead

"There’s so much to see and do in London. I never knew the gardens were there though." Jane, London

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