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Bermondsey Street Festival

Posted by London Guided Walks on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 Under: Local History

Bermondsey Street Festival

Bermondsey Street Market is back on Saturday 19th September. There's something wholesome about a village fete and something quite special in holding one in one the greatest cities in the world. Bermondsey has changed considerably since I first lived there when I first moved to London but the core village and community spirit is as strong as ever. 

We are proud to be providing 1hr walks as part of Bermondsey Street Festival, Saturday 19th September at 11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm. 
Explore historic Southwark. Get to know some of the men who ran the place and those who hid in it. This 60 min walk covers murders and executions, prostitutes, palaces and Pepys. Tickets available from the Festival Information desk.

What else is on at the Bermondsey Street  Festival?
The Dog Show
Live Music & Dance
Food and Drink
The Children's Area

And of course our walks! Don't forget to come and say hello!

Find out more about Bermondsey Street Festival

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