Sharon Pinagli   21-Oct-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarVery interesting walk that included the socio economic status of the area. Some illuminating facts about Dickens and his upbringing.

Julie Roe   21-Oct-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarThis was a very enjoyable walk and was full of historic titbits as we travelled at a leisurely pace around Dickens’ haunts. It was fascinating to be taken to parts of London that hold so much history and to learn about what stood there before being supplanted by luxury buildings. Hazel was a top guide and this was my third walk.

Yael Cliff   20-Oct-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStar Fantastic Walk lot of knowledge a lot of stories

David Sellman   6-Oct-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarThis was a thoroughly entertaining tour. Hazel is a fabulous tour guide who is passionate and knowledgeable about her subject. She has inspired me to want to read the book as I've only seen film and TV versions. Also, Hazel painted vivid pictures of life in those times, which for many people was truly terrible. As she said at one point, these things should not be forgotten.

Ken McHale   12-Jul-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarThis was a great walk. Hazel, our guide, managed effortlessly to combine the landscape of Dickens' novel to the streets and buildings which we past on the way and gave a real feel of what we would have seen in the time of Oliver Twist. This is a wonderful way to get to learn more of London's history.

Rosalia Sacco   10-Jun-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarAlthough today there is not too much left to see, Hazel was wonderful at creating the atmosphere of the period. Her knowledge and commentary were of a very high standard and the whole walk was very interesting and entertaining.

Veronica Mann   9-Jun-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarReally excellent. So much I didn't realise it think about in regards to Oliver twist and his London and times. The films of course pretty everything up. Hazel talked about life as it was. Kept up a good place and made the information intestinal for everyone in the group.

Mark Crotty   9-Jun-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarWow! Hazel does know her stuff. This is the second of her walks I've been on. I loved it. In common with most of the others I haven't read the book (hang head in shame!) Hazel really brought it to life. Most interesting fact of the day ... Nancy was only about 13 years old. This was real in a way that the film wasn't. I'll definitely be booking more of her walks.

Ruby Rahman   9-Jun-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarA great walk with lots of interesting facts, guide was very engaging and informative

Louise Pearlman   8-Jun-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarOutstanding walk! Hazel was funny, informative and interesting. The walk opened our eyes to how difficult and uncomfortable Victorian London life must have been (not to mention dirty!) Real fun and would be delighted to take another of Hazel's walks. Thank you.

Rumina Ali   8-Jun-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarA very engaging tour, Hazel’s historical knowledge of the area was impressive and insightful.

Hitesh Joshi   29-May-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarExcellent guided walk. It was not just about the story but about real life then. Hazel was brilliant. Thank you.

Lesley Lomax   26-May-2019

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarHazel was friendly, enthusiastic and humorous. I was seriously impressed with her encyclopaedic knowledge on everything related to this tour and off topic. I really enjoyed the tour and recommend it to all. The duration was perfect; lots of information but not to saturation point.

Annabel Johnson   14-Jan-2018

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarA great walk, so enjoyable and interesting and found out a lot of interesting facts afterwards. I recommend Hazel’s walking tours.

Saskia Hallam   8-Jan-2018

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarHazel is informative and fun. We followed the route of Oliver and the Artful Dodger between Angel and Faringdon learning about Sadler's Wells and Grimaldi along the way.

David Dunn   8-Jan-2018

Rated : StarStarStarStarAn extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide who educated and entertained us on a cold but bright Sunday. Our only criticism is that Hazel said the tour would be 90 minutes yet it lasted 2 hours, which in the conditions was not a bonus.

Frank Kelcz   7-Jan-2018

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarThis was a great little walk through Oliver Twist's world. Highly recommend it but better on a warmer day.

Julie McHugh   19-Mar-2017

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarThis walk was great. On a cold afternoon Hazel transported us back to Victorian London, bringing the streets and buildings to life. It was fascinating, very informative and also friendly, most of the group ended up in the pub afterwards for a drink or lunch. I really recommend it and will.look out for Hazel's walks again.

Linda Winder   18-Jul-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarWe have done a few walks with Hazel now and each time she has us enthralled with her interesting stories of London. A well researched walk and will want you to read/reread Charles Dickens.

Anonymous   16-May-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarAbsolutely fascinating walk. Makes you see this part of London very differently. Having a reread of Oliver Twist now. Hazel is a fabulous guide and I would highly recommend!

Paul and Mary Raikes   1-Apr-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarHazel, you are a London gem and your knowledge, enthusiasm and energy is all wonderful. Thank you for a lovely tour. We'll be back for more.....

Christine and Ian Bleathman   28-Mar-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarThis was another fascinating walk from Hazel on a blustery, wet Easter Sunday. She took us on a tour of the places mentioned in Oliver Twist, bringing it all to life with her descriptions of the sights, sounds & smells of Victorian London and quoting passages from the book. Highly recommended.

Tracy Sutton   21-Mar-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarExcellent walk - retrace the steps of Oscar and the Artful Dodger. Hazel is very knowledgeable and brings the story to life - great to get a sense of the social history too.

Richard Taylor   18-Mar-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarFascinating walk with knowledgeable and friendly guide. Offers an insight into life in the area in the 1830's - at times it's pretty gruesome stuff!

Mark Williams   21-Feb-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarFascinating and thoroughly enjoyable. Hazel was a knowledgeable and entertaining guide.

Helen Morgan   30-Jan-2016

Rated : StarStarStarStarStarAn insightful tour of rediscovery, which through the words of Dickens himself retraces the steps of Oliver and the Artful Dodger through the sights, sounds and smells of London in 1837 as they make for Fagan's den. (P.s. I would write a review on Trip Advisor but they say I cannot post for 90 days since my last review of the Victorian Christmas tour. I'll try later on!)

Anonymous   23-Mar-2015

Rated : StarStarStarStarA very cheerful Hazel led our walk reciting excerpts from Oliver Twist on a very chilly Saturday afternoon. Little exists of Oliver Twists London but Hazel was full of knowledge in recreating this period. A jolly jaunt ending up in the pub. Lots of her regulars on the walk is a great recommendation.

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