Make the most of London

Are you living in or visiting London and want to get to know it better? Or needing a little inspiration as to where to start? We can help.

London is such an amazing city and there is so much going on every week. It's so easy to fill your diary up with the new and happening.

What you may forget to do, however, is take time to explore the familiar. There have been so many instances where I have been guiding and someone in my group has said

'I walk past here every day and I've never noticed that!'

That is when I do a mini fist pump. I have done my job, I have enabled the mundane to regain its vibrancy and intrigue.

For the past two years I have been delivering walking tours and treasure hunts, practicing my craft and working out what it is people want from events in London. In that time I have delivered over 400 walks and treasure hunts.

You can book our guided walksprivate tours and treasure hunts online 24/7. You'll receive an email confirmation with all the details you about your chosen event.

Recently I have teamed up with four well-established tour guides to provide you with even more choices for things to do in London. Meet your guides.

Things to do in London with London Guided Walks and Treasure Hunts

You can enjoy London from afar with my London blog and share my London life on Instagram

Frequently asked questions:

- Do I need to pre-book a walking tour?

- Will I be able to hear with so many in a group?

-How much does a private tour cost?

Read the answers and find out more here.

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